Will Andrew Bynum Sign To Any Team This Year ?

After Andrew Bynum being traded to the Bulls and being released shortly after the trade, Bynum has yet to sign with a different NBA team.  Everyone is waiting for Bynum to make a move. Will he even sign with any team this year?

Bad Fits

Miami Heat is interested in Bynum according to sources I read. Why get Bynum if you signed Greg Oden that has only played one game in the regular season this year. Heat struggles with rebounds, that’s mainly why they are losing games this season. They go small a lot with Bosh at center. I doubt Miami will move forward with Bynum unless they pay him low.

Dallas Mavericks is another team that is interested in him as well. Now here is the thing with the Mavs have Samuel Dalembert and Brandon Wright, why will they get another center unless they will release one of them but that seems unlikely as well.

Los Angeles Lakers fans want Bynum back! Maybe it would be a good fit if they had Phil Jackson back as head coach but not with D’antoni. Bynum is a player who wants to have plays set up for him, he can’t just stand in the key and box out, he wants plays that will get him some points. I’d be surprised if the Lakers sign him.

Good Fits 

Boston Celtics is a way to go if you are looking for a center. The Celtics have Kelly Olynyk and Vitor Faverani at center, their points per game are low and rebounds per game are low as well. Boston needs to look for a power house at the position and Andrew Bynum has that length and power that Boston needs. Recently they received Joel Anthony from the Miami Heat so I’m not sure how that would work.

Brooklyn Nets could also be looking at Bynum, after your star center goes down again with another injury, why not look at Bynum?  He has the size and a little bit more built then Brook Lopez, also he has two rings with the Lakers. Brooklyn will have three starters with playoff experience and want to go for that ring. It’s not a bad idea to go to Bynum at this point if you want to compete against the Miami Heat.


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  1. I still don’t know why Teams are listerning to teams like The Cavaliers 76ers and The Bulls. I still don’t understand why nobody has not signed Andrew Bynum. But will not be surprise if San Antonio or The New Jersey Nets sneak in out of no where and sign him. People criticize Bynum so much they tend to forget and lose sight of how good he is, Bynum can become valuable piece during the playoffs and Championship games.

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